Shipping and return policies for The Gentleman Losers

Shipping Info
Shipping via the Finnish Postal Service. From our headquarters shipments usually go out within a day or two from placing order, unless we’re on tour or some such thing, in which case it might take a few days more. Delivery times within EU no more than a few business days, outside Europe might take up to some weeks.

All goods will be sent without tracking or insurance to keep the already preposterous shipping fees palatable. Most orders find their way to the buyers without problems, but if you wish to play it safe and pay for tracked and/or insured delivery, please get in touch BEFORE making an order and we will quote you for these services and add these extra expenses to your order.
Return Policy
No returns. Come on now, these are record albums. And you can familiarize yourself with the music before making a purchase, so you really should do that.

If, one fine day, we have some t-shirts or something up here, we'll rethink this rule.

Sometimes we'll just straight up send you a wrong item. Yes, we're silly that way. Hehe. In that case, just let us know and we'll send you the actual thing you paid for. And you can probably just keep the other one too.

All items are packed with utmost care to ensure safe delivery. It is EXTREMELY rare that an item packed by us has arrived damaged. However, there are some cunning bastards involved in the international mail delivery services for sure, and even the safest package can only take so much punishment in the hands of an enterprising shitweasel (tbf, most postal workers are criminally under-paid and working under an excessive workload, thanks to endless corporate greed (the REAL shitweasels), which accounts for most delivery problems anyway). Alas, this is beyond our control, and therefore, items that have been damaged in transit can not be refunded.

Same goes for lost items. After an item has been placed in the care of the postal services we cannot be responsible for it. If an item is deemed lost (depending on time of year/current state of the apocalypse, the cutoff time to make this assumption is something between one and two months), you can contact us via the contact info here on our Bandcamp page, and we will then initiate a claims procedure with the Postal Services, and should it turn out positively, your shipping fee will then be refunded accordingly. Yay.

By purchasing goods via our Bandcamp shop you agree to these terms.